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odern scholars dispute this traditional account of St.Patrick's life and argue that a number of missionaries converted the Irish to Christianity, indeed it seems entirely possible that small pockets of Christianity already existed brought to the island by traders.From England he went to France and studied under Saint Germanus.There he became a bishop and returned to Ireland with the intention of converting the pagan Irish to Christianity.But the number of provinces and their boundaries were in a state of constant flux.According to tradition, King Cormac mac Airt built a splendid palace at Tara, in County Meath, forming the new kingdom of Meath, and called himself Árd Ri (high king).

Feidlimid was himself in holy orders, probably of Episcopal rank As such sympathies lay with the Celi De, and justified his raids as a crusade to stamp out corruption in the church.

he Irish nation of today is descended from a rich cultural and genealogical mixture of all these peoples, who came conquered and in the fullness of time integrated, giving rise to the phrase 'More Irish than the Irish themselves.' e have attempted to present this page as an impartial account of historical events as they unfolded in Ireland.

Our sources were many and often presented conflicting accounts, as of course is only to be expected.

Gradually, monasteries became an important feature of Christian life in Ireland. missionaries to leave Ireland, although it could be said there were extenuating circumstance.

In 563, he founded a monastery on Iona, a small island off the coast of Scotland.

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